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The first thing we do is take time
to understand your requirements.

About us

As your property management partner, we build our support around your individual needs. From the outset onwards, you’ll find our service open, friendly and professional. You’ll soon notice that we go out of our way to assist you, tackling matters without delay.

While owning and managing leasehold properties can be complicated, getting the right help is as simple as picking up the phone to us.

Our service
promise to you

From your property’s doorstep to our Head Office, we meet a strict code of conduct, providing an exemplary level of service whenever you need us.

  • We provide small teams of experts who know your property in detail.
  • You always speak to a Gateway professional in the UK.
  • Your Property Manager will undertake regular inspections of your building.
  • You’ll have regular opportunities to provide feedback and rate our service.
  • We use our expertise to address issues straightaway, avoiding common problems.
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We’re local, nationwide

With a nationwide network of Property Managers, we’re just around the corner from your property. And your local team is supported by dedicated property professionals in our UK headquarters.

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New building or development?

Get in touch as soon as possible. As part of the Gateway Group we support national house builders with cost-effective property management and more. We can advise on a range of important issues, including design, services, security, staffing, maintenance, accounting, building consultancy and lease structures to maximise returns.

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Our fee structure

We charge a fixed annual fee for our day-to-day property management service. This covers all of the essential areas, including arranging for regular maintenance, collecting payments, maintaining the service charge accounts, inspecting the property, reporting to clients and responding to queries on routine maintenance.

We sometimes need to spend additional time on maintaining your building, for instance when major works are required. This type of ad hoc support incurs an additional fee, to obtain quotations from builders, consult with lessees and organise/oversee the work.