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Gateway Block Management

Welcome To Gateway

Service like it used to be. Remember the days when people went out of their way to help? When service was never a problem and getting help was as easy as picking up the phone. At Gateway, not only do we remember those days, we still deliver them every day of our business life.

Gateway is a block management company that maintains a high number of apartments and sheltered units throughout the UK.

We exist to take away the hassle of everyday living. If a bulb breaks in the communal areas, we’ll change it, if the roof leaks we’ll fix it and if anything untoward happens, we’ll make it better.

We’re proud to be responsible for the management and maintenance of the properties within our portfolio and have produced this website to show you the range of services we provide and how we can be of help to you.

Feel free to look around and find out more about us. You will find details of the services we can provide, our code of conduct, our responsibilities and our leaseholder’s responsibilities.

If you would like any more information or want to find out how we can help you call us on the number below; but be warned, you’ll speak to a real person, who works for us, in the UK, just like in the old days!

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Our Responsibilities

Under our standard management agreement we provide our clients with a range of services, which benefit our leaseholders. Please click on the links below to discover more.

Your Responsibilities

As we have a responsibility to you, you also have a responsibility to us. As a lessee, you are responsible for maintaining your own property. Please click on the links below to discover more.

Code of Conduct

We adhere to a strict code of conduct which allows you to place your trust in Gateway block management and ensures that you will receive the highest standard of service at all times.

  • We provide small teams of experts who know and understand your property in detail.
  • You will only deal with real people who work for Gateway block management in the UK not a call centre in a foreign country.
  • Your dedicated Property Manager will undertake regular inspections of your building.
  • You have the opportunity to provide feedback and rate our service.
  • We adhere to traditional values of good service and do our utmost to be ahead of problems. We always try to sort it out before you.