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Property factsheets

Welcome to our growing library of property factsheets. All you need to view these is a PDF reader. We hope you find the information useful.

Residents Management Company essentials

About Residents Management Companies (RMCs), how we’ll be managing the property in conjunction with your RMC Directors and the role of Directors.

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Residents Management Company essentials

Water leak advice

The damage caused by a water leak – especially to flats – costs money and heartache. Here’s how to avoid all of this, along with insurance information.

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Water Leak Advice

Tackling condensation & mould growth

Find out what causes condensation and mould growth inside a property and how you can prevent this problem from happening.

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Tackling condensation & mould growth

About major works

From time to time, major works are required to best maintain a property. If you’ve received a letter from us about this, you’ll find useful details here.

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About Major Works

Fire safety for flats

Meeting fire safety requirements is critical to people¹s lives, property and belongings, especially in blocks of flats. Landlords and their agents, tenants and homeowners all have responsibilities regarding this vital matter. And every resident should know what to do in case of a fire.

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Fire Safety