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Supporting property developers

Our well‐established, trusted reputation in the marketplace has been built over decades.

We pride ourselves on providing proactive support and setting the industry benchmark for client relationships.

We work collaboratively and innovatively with national housebuilders, regional developers and registered social landlords.

Gateway supports leading house builders, FTSE 100 companies, financial institutions
and many regional developers, as well as RMC and RTM companies.

Leaving your development in safe hands

Our onboarding process is one of the many reasons why Gateway Property Management is the managing agent of choice for national and regional developers nationwide:

Customer onboarding

Gateway has a proven track record with our dedicated onboarding team and processes for our new customers, through our Business Development and Property Integration departments.

We seamlessly add thousands of properties to our systems each year, ensuring the customer transition from developer to Gateway is swift and efficient. Our in‐house legal department can provide assistance with the legal framework setup of the development too.

Service charge formulation

We will formulate an initial Service Charge estimate based on the information provided by you.

This will include an apportionment matrix showing what each homeowner will contribute in percentages and pounds. We'll also provide a Service Charge appraisal, detailing the provisions within the estimate and the services we can offer to the development.

RMC incorporation

We will handle the development's Resident Management Company incorporation for you.

Our in‐house team, Gateway Corporate Solutions, will handle the administrative responsibilities of your RMC, including incorporation, appointing directors and filing all of the relevant information with Companies House.


We will be readily available for any meetings and appearances regarding the development, including –

Sales Launches

We believe it's important that residents on a private development become acquainted with their managing agent as quickly as possible. We therefore encourage you to invite us to the sales launch event, where we can engage with potential buyers and help them to understand the role of a managing agent on the development.

Legal & Technical

Should you have any legal or technical meetings regarding the development, we would be delighted to attend as we aim to stay as informed as possible. The more we know, the stronger our customer service will be down the road.

..or just a chat!

Even if it's simply a catch up over the phone, maintaining strong client relationships is extremely important to us and we will always make ourselves available to you.

Site inspections

We always encourage on‐site meetings to review the progress of the managed areas of the development.

If for any reason, and at any stage, you would like to have a meeting or walkaround of the development, our Business Development team will be there.

In the instance of a development requiring a phased handover, we will be on site for handover inspections each time a new phase is ready to be managed.

Should any snagging issues be discovered at the point of a handover inspection, we will arrange with you the most suitable way to rectify the issue.

Instructing services

Service Agreements

Any service agreements that are required would be instructed immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, fire safety equipment, dry risers, sprinkler systems, emergency lights testing, passenger lifts, door entry systems, PV panels, drainage systems, man safe systems and any other communal facilities on the development which require regular inspections and servicing from qualified experts in that particular field. Any agreements in place will factor in manufacturer requirements and existing warranties.

Utility Supplies

We will request information on the utility suppliers for the communal areas of development, including water, electricity, gas or telephone lines for passenger lifts if applicable. For gas and/or electricity supplies, we will actively source the best rates possible for these supplies regularly, using our energy brokerage company Energious.

Welcoming residents

From the point of handover, we will immediately issue welcome packs to the residents of the development.

Our welcome packs provide more information about the Gateway companies, our role on the development, details of the development's assigned Property Management team and the various ways to contact us.

We will also share the details of the development's ‘Introduction to Gateway’ video presentation, which will be uploaded to YouTube shortly after the welcome pack is issued.

We tailor the ‘Introduction to Gateway’ video presentation to each development, providing an in-depth look at the management setup, the development's finances, a breakdown of the service charge budget and more information about the services we provide.

Health & Safety compliance

Health & Safety inspections

A qualified Health & Safety Inspector from Gateway Associated Surveying will conduct a full Health & Safety and Fire Risk Assessment of the development within the first month of handover. A full report of their findings will be prepared and sent to the Property Manager, identifying any issues raised that require addressing to ensure the development remains compliant.

Regular property inspections

Regular property inspections will also be carried out by a Property Inspector from Gateway Associated Surveying. These are comprehensive and objective inspections to assess the standards of the safety, maintenance and facilities conducted on site. A full report is then provided to the Property Manager to action any works if applicable.

Safety notices and signage

To further ensure the compliance of each development we manage, safety notices and signage are erected in visible areas. For example, all apartment blocks under our management will have fire safety signage, details on our emergency Out of Hours facility, contractor sign-in sheets and clear warning signs for anywhere which could impact personal safety.


The development will benefit from a dedicated team with a primary point of contact – the Property Manager or Client Relationship Manager. They will be assisted by the Customer Services department, led by the Customer Services Manager. There is a strong and supportive structure in place from our Senior Management team, beginning with our Senior Client Relationship Managers, all the way up to the Chief Operating Officer.


Regular expenditure reports for the development can be provided to the directors of the Management Company. This will outline the costs incurred for the development against the budget for that period.

Service Level Agreements

To ensure we provide the best customer service possible, we have strict company Service Level Agreements in place for returning calls and emails with our customers.

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