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Covering every dimension matters

We provide our clients with a complete range of services, which look after their interests and take care of their leaseholders.

Benefit from:

  • Experienced support tailored to your needs for cost-effective property management
  • Local service from a Property Manager, who knows your property
  • Scheduled property visits planned for the year ahead
  • Regular property inspections and ongoing communications
  • A proactive approach to maintenance, including from our own Gateway Facilities Management service
  • Assistance on a range of property matters, including speedy legal advice from our legal team

Our services

We can cover all of the following key areas
as part of your management service:

Money matters

  • Providing you with regular balance sheets for the complete financial picture
  • Collecting service charges and ground rents
  • Preparing service charge budgets and year end accounts

Management matters

  • Conducting timely property inspections on set dates
  • Providing regular property inspection and client reports
  • Carrying out independent health and safety checks as required by law
  • Performing Company administration and directorship services, including filing accounts and annual returns and keeping registered details up to date for Residents Management Companies (RMCs)
  • Attending resident meetings
  • Arranging Annual General Meetings
  • Handling Consents and Notices
  • Supporting you on a range of property legal issues through our own legal team for speedy, cost-effective help
  • Communication with residents on all relevant matters

Emergency matters

  • Providing 24/7 cover when you most
    need it (not all sites)

Maintenance matters

For total peace of mind, we offer our own Gateway Facilities Management service.

  • Preparing maintenance plans with our own facilities team or arranging suitable contracts
  • Overseeing gardening, cleaning, lift maintenance and all minor repairs
  • Looking after your building’s main structure, including the external walls, roof and foundations (unless otherwise contracted), as well as shared areas, such as halls, stairways and gardens
  • Supervising building works and decorations
  • Planning, phasing and managing any major works required

Insurance matters

As part of the Gateway Group, new customers can save a minimum of 10% on their building insurance. We can also help with other property insurance policies.

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