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The Denham Film Studios on Instagram: View the images on Instagram

One of the flagship properties in our management portfolio is the Grade II listed, former Denham Film Studios in Buckinghamshire. In its heyday, Hollywood directors and Oscar-winning actors frequented the place. As well as notable movies being made at Denham, the studios recorded many much-loved film scores.

Today, a community of residents enjoy life at the landmark site. Art-Deco inspired apartments come complete with the restored Studios’ cinema, once attended by the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg (among illustrious others). Notable features also include a cocktail bar (inspired by the original Actors’ Bar), elegant garden squares and landscaped grounds.

Our properties. Our services. Our people and culture. Get a glimpse into the Gateway Group on Instagram.

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Published on 20th December 2019

More Macmillan fundraising: Donning Christmas jumpers and donating

Team members across our regional offices had more than their usual sparkle on national Christmas Jumper Day. We were delighted to get all festive at work to support Macmillan, a charity close to our hearts.

We never knew our people had such style! From Fair Isle knits to seasonal prints and a lot of glitter and glam in between, who said Christmas jumpers had to be cheesy? Or cringe-worthy? Thanks to everyone at Gateway for taking part with such élan and spirit on Friday 13 December and raising £500 for a great cause.

Amidst all the novelty wear, a few (too many) seasonal jokes were shared. This was among the property related crackers: Why does Santa have three gardens? So he can ‘ho, ho, ho!’

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Published on 20th December 2019

Spotlight: Advice for freehold homeowners on private estates

Private estates are increasingly more common throughout the country, largely because local authorities lack the resources to adopt and maintain new amenities. Our free Gateway customer guide explains more.

On some private estates, you’ll find freehold houses or a mix of freehold houses and leasehold flats. Here, each homeowner contributes to the upkeep of the communal areas, so everyone on the estate can continue to enjoy them. For freehold homeowners, this will be through an estate rentcharge.

Our latest factsheet covers:

– where to look in your deed of transfer for rentcharge details
– what is meant by communal areas (or parts)
– the role of a managing agent, such as ourselves
– some typical freeholder restrictions
– health and safety, accounting and insurance matters.

If we’re managing your private estate and you have any questions, just get in touch.

Read our latest factsheet

Published on 29th October 2019

See our social side on Instagram

See our social side on Instagram

Our properties. Our services. Our people and culture. Get a glimpse into the Gateway Group on Instagram.

We’re proud of the properties we manage nationwide, the specialist services we’ve developed over decades and our expert teams. Gateway people are all different, but share an ethos, putting their clients and customers first daily. Thanks to the calibre of our people, we’re a thoroughly individual group of companies that’s honest, friendly and professional. Given all that, it’s time for us to be more social about who we are on Instagram.

Visit us @gatewayltd for all matters property related, group announcements and an inside look at our open, supportive culture. From managing properties to arranging insurance cover – conducting building surveys to giving lease advice and fundraising – you’ll be surprised what we do.

Published on 29th October 2019

The Great Gateway Bake off (GGBO): Whipping up heaps of support for Macmillan

Whisked. Folded. Drizzled. Sprinkled. Glazed and dusted. Our Head Office once again got baking and fundraising for an exceedingly good cause.

As you can see, our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27 September was a feast for the eyes too. The event couldn’t have been more tempting with dozens (baker’s dozens) of fine fancies. A big thank you to our organisers, star bakers and cake connoisseurs for the little get-together, which followed on from the success of last year’s efforts.

Over coffee, tea, cake, donuts and biscuits, the team could meet up, catch up, take five (treats, that is) and together raise £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Mmmagnificent, indeed.

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Published on 29th October 2019

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