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Spotlight: Fact and figures on new homes

The UK’s housing crisis is rarely out of the news, so how many new homes are being built, of what size and where?

Government data shows that the number of new homes created in England has hit its highest level in almost 30 years. More than 240,000 properties were added to the country’s housing stock in 2018-19 (also factoring in property demolitions). Under former chancellor Philip Hammond, the government set a target of building 300,000 new homes annually in England alone by the mid-2020s. The recent figures improve on the record low of 2012–13, when fewer than 125,000 homes were added.

The NHBC (the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes) reports that 1.4 million new homes have been registered to be built in the last decade. 2019 was the highest year for UK new home registrations since 2007.

A recent BBC article gives the size of the average new home as 92 sq m, larger than an average existing home (89 sq m). This varies significantly across locations, however, with new homes in city centres being the smallest (64 sq m). Away from cities, new homes averaged 101 sq m.

London has, unsurprisingly, built the greatest number on new homes, but it isn’t the fastest growing city or large town.

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Published on 3rd April 2020

Site inspections: A snapshot on Instagram

Carrying out timely property inspections on set dates is one reason why Gateway Property Management leads the sector. We know that doing what we say matters.

Our recent Instagram post includes a photograph of Riddleah Court in Purley, Surrey, taken by our dedicated site inspection team (no filters applied!). The building is in excellent condition, as you can see, and is one example across the country of property that we carefully manage.

Gateway Property Management looks after apartments, houses and sheltered homes. Each property under our care is treated as it should be: individually. Clients and customers find our service open, friendly and professional.

Our properties. Our people. Our culture. Take a look at the Gateway Group on our Instagram account as we bring a new level of transparency to the property business.

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Published on 3rd April 2020

Coming up: The Ideal Home Show this spring

The 2020 event at Olympia London will include ‘The Future Living Home’, focusing on the latest home technology, tomorrow’s interior trends and ways to make home life sustainable.

Look out also for celebrity talks, interior inspiration, expert advice on home project plans and show gardens. If that’s not enough to tempt you, there will be an Eat and Drink Festival too.

The Ideal Home Show is the world’s longest running exhibition, established in 1908 by the Daily Mail, when the UK’s first ‘skyscraper’ – The Royal Liver Building in Liverpool – was being constructed. Since then, the exhibition has proved perennially popular. In 1957, attendance topped a record-breaking 1.5 million visitors.

The show is on for just over two weeks, from Friday 27 March to Monday 13 April.

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Published on 5th February 2020

Associated Insurance Services benefits

Every new client saves on buildings insurance. We can also help with a range of other property policies, covering the complexities of insuring houses, blocks of flats, residential conversions, mixed-use buildings and commercial properties.

Comprehensive cover for less

Associated Insurance Services, part of the Gateway Group, works alongside leading insurance providers to offer:

  • Buildings and Commercial Property Insurance
  • Contents Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Homecare Emergency Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Lift Inspection and Maintenance Insurance
  • Property Owners Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Terrorism Cover
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Published on 5th February 2020

Spotlight: Health and Safety for Flats and Developments

As a leading property managing agent, we take our clients Health and Safety responsibilities seriously. In our latest guide, we introduce the main regulations our clients meet and the key topics.

Our new factsheet explains how we carry out timely, thorough risk assessments of all properties under our care. You’ll also find information on everything from asbestos building materials to electrical safety and what to do if there’s a fire.

Directors of a Residents Management Company (RMC) or Right To Manage Company (RTMC) should make sure they’re familiar with all relevant Health and Safety matters. Every year, there are criminal law prosecutions over major breaches.

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Published on 5th February 2020

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